Donation List

Donation event ended, Thanks for supporting us!

50 Donation Coins: €5.00

100 Donation Coins: €10.00

250 Donation Coins:€20.00

400 Donation Coins:€30.00

600 Donation Coins: €40.00

850 Donation Coins: €50.00

1150 Donation Coins: €60.00

1500 Donation Coins: €70.00

1900 Donation Coins: €80.00

2350 Donation Coins: €90.00

2850 Donation Coins: €100.00

Donation working automatically through Userpanel
Players do recive Donation Coins realtime in the Storage!

NOTE: Recive Donation Coins can take up to 24 Hours after Purchase!

Donation Policy

1 - Once you donate, you cannot charge back your donation !

2 - Donating for the server is your own option, the server team doesn't force you,
you have your own decisions to donate or not.

3 - Accepting to donating will also mean patience to receive items due to the time difference of every player,
max amount wait time for your items will be 1 day or less.

4 - We don't provide refunds after the transaction is complete.

5 - If you do a chargeback, we will track your character and permenately block your Account!

6 - Please read the policy carefully, By donating to support us, you thereby agree with all of the rules above!

7 - We do safe your Name, Email Adress, and IP Payment (while purchasement) in our Datbase for our Security.